Environmental Policy


NopaC Midlands believe that we all have a responsibility to care for and protect the environment in which we operate.  We are fully committed to improving environmental performance across all the business activities.


NopaC Midlands Limited recognises our key impacts to be in the area of but not limited to:

      *     Energy use

      *     Raw material use

      *     Waste generation

      *     Transport


We will strive to:

*    Adopt high environmental standards in all area of operations, meeting and exceeding all relevant legislative requirements.

*    Minimise waste through careful and efficient use of all materials and energy.

*    Purchase sustainable products wherever feasible.

*    Train our employees in good environmental practice.

*    Reduce risks from environmental, health or safety hazards for employees and others in the vicinity of our operations.

*    Adopt an environmentally sound transport strategy.


NopaC Midlands Limited has developed a series of action plans to supplement each of our environmental policy objectives.


Energy Use:

Our range of bespoke electric riser recliner armchairs are built in the UK saving energy use by not shipping them in from the far east, and in turn supporting the UK work force.

Lights & heating in offices, shops and warehouses are switched off when the area is not in use.

Heating is turned off at night and turned down during the day with windows kept closed when the heating is on.

Tea and coffee making is done in the ‘old fashioned’ way with a kettle, so hot water is not constantly being made thus saving energy.

Company vehicles have low hp and drivers are expected to keep within speed limits thus saving on fuel. 

Vehicles are maintained by a third party at regular intervals to ensure we get the best performance and best low impact on the environment

Employees hand wash their company vehicles using less water than a mechanical ‘car wash’.


Raw material mse

Where possible material is sourced from recycled or renewable sources, however cost plays an important part and many of our goods are purchased from another manufacture (i.e. hoist parts).

Goods arrive into NopaC either in cardboard boxes, where some boxes are then used to package goods to send out by the company, with the remaining cardboard being recycled. Or direct from the manufacture ‘unpackaged’ thus using no additional materials.

Our NopaC Midlands shop sells to private customers and will ‘buy back’ goods sold to private customers, when no longer wanted, to recycle them where possible, storage permitting.


Waste generation

Waste is generated daily and if not properly managed can affect our health and the quality of the environment.

Electrical and electronic equipment can no longer be disposed of with general waste or recyclables, and as a user of electrical and electronic equipment and a resulting producer of WEEE waste the company realises it must dispose off our WEEE correctly, therefore we will return all electrical and electronic equipment to our supplier for correct and proper disposal/recycle where possible.

One high area of waste which NopaC has identified is ‘battery’ waste.  The Company has a Hazardous Waste Licence and returns all dead batteries to our suppliers who recycle them.  The battery waste is stored in a safe manner until there is a large quantity of batteries to be recycled to reduce the transporting/environmental costs.


Office waste

We use both sides of paper where possible

We email where available/possible and also encourage suppliers to email us.

NopaC welcomes the opportunity to recycle hoists and stair lifts, we can remove hoists and stairlifts when no longer needed from one location, store them, and refit when next required in a new location, thus saving energy (and money) in having to produce/purchase new equipment.

Printer cartridges are returned to the manufacture to be recycled when available.

Paper, cardboard and plastic is placed in the recycling bin which is collected weekly by a local recycling company.

Unused metal (used for hoist installations) is taken to a local recycling centre.



NopaC Midlands Limited run a fleet of work vehicles, mainly vans, and as vehicles are responsible for high pollution we are aware this area must be constantly reviewed. 

We are aware a high proportion of the company’s business involves travelling, so we attempt to visit one area per day, lowering mileage and saving essential fuel usage, this will also have an effect to save costs for the customer as less travelling distance means we can do more maintenance visits per day thus lowering costs.

Company vehicles have low hp and drivers are expected to keep within speed limits thus saving on fuel.



Our business and employees are based in the Midlands, and this is the area we cover so high mile journeys are very rarely necessary.

All vehicles are serviced as per the manufactures recommendations but at lease once a year. 

The company purchases its motors and metal actions for our range of electric rise and recline armchairs from Europe (rather than the middle east), with the wooden frames and upholstery from the UK, in doing so we are one of the lowest producers of emissions for the production of electric riser recliner chairs and support employment in the UK.

The company orders a quantity of items from its suppliers in one go, lowering the costs of packaging and transporting the goods.

NopaC Midlands Limited welcomes hybrid powered vans and is watching their progress to see when it will be viably possible for the company to switch to these.


This policy is reviewed annually at the Management Review Meetings

Reviewed April 2017

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