Patient Slings

NopaC Zorina toileting community care sling

The Zorina sling comes complete with padded leg sections, and a padded top section to go underneath the arms.

It is an ideal sling for toileting, as it ensures access to the lower garments

Available in: small, medium, large

NopaC Multi purpose sling

Full bodied sling, designed to give maximum body suppport while facilitating all transfers.

The split leg sections ensure easy fitting and the colouring of the leg straps enables the inner and outer leg sections to be clearly identified, to ensure the sling is correctly fitted

Available in: small, medium, large, extra large

Low Convenience sling CCR500

The Low Convenience patient transfer sling has less shoulder support, so the end user can be transfered with their arms on either the outside of the sling or the inside. This sling has a less restricted approach allowing for a greater feeling of freedom for end users.

This transfer sling gives enhanced suport for the lower back area and is specifically for end users with good upper torso stablity.

Large opening around the lower body ensures hygenic toileting and makes clothing changes easier. Quick to fit, this sling is extremely comfortable.

Would suit users with good body tone and sufficient control of head and upper body.

Detachable elasticated waist support as standard.

Available in: Xsmall-Xlarge

Toileting sling ST2

Convenience sling with padded rolls has been designed with maximum comfort in mind. The addition of under arm padded rolls as well as being fully padded throughout, offers greater patient comfort. Used for dressing and toileting, this sling is suited to those with good upper body control.

Featuring: waist support with clunk click buckle

Material options: Polyester or mesh

Available in: XXsmall-XXlarge

Universal Deluxe Sling S4

This sling has been designed with shaped leg sections specifically offering a greater support to hip, and thigh. Has access for toileting. Easy application sling used for general transfers.

Good for active users and those with asymmetrical body shapes.

Comes with back and leg support as well as optional extras such as head, waist or chest support and hip tapes. When used with hip tapes, pressure is reduced behind the knee and hip areas.

Material Options: Polyester, mesh, Silva quick 2 apply

Available in: Xsmall-Xlarge

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