Community Care Chair


Rise and recline powered armchair featuring a single motor action and a pushing handle at the rear.

This chair is on castors for ease of maneuverability, is British built to high standards and comes in easey clean fabric as standard.


                Tanya Armchair

Tanya tilt in space armchair is battery operated and has a reclining action with built in pressure relief, we supply this chair as standard with easy clean fabric as shown.

Can be easily tilted back either by the carer or user with the simple 2 button handset.

Supplied with a wooden pushing handle to help maneuver the chair around


Fitted with 4 castors (2 with brakes)


To increase the lifetime of the chair, the cushioning can be upgraded or replaced to suit new users 

                  Alfie Care Chair

The Alfie chair has an easily operated tilt in space mechanism that enables a carer to change the position of someone simply by operating a lever.

Many positions can be achieved to help with people’s posture and also to help prevent pressure sores.

Standard features:

Headrest included

Table folds away when not in use

5 braked castors

Unique spring loaded footplate

Table does not move when the chair is tilted as shown here

Pressure relief foam is fitted as standard

The Altitude


Wheelchairs must be adapted to YOU not vica versa.


This basic principle is why these wheelchairs have a modular design, they can be adapted, have numerous accessories and all options are mutually interchangeable.


This is the result of the continuous research and more than 45 years experience within Vermerien.


Features Available-


  • Footrest mounted with a spring which allows easy transfers in and out of the wheelchair (removable)
  • A simple removable table, adjustable in depth and mounted on a system which allows easy dismantling.
  • The table will always be in a horizontal position no matter what angle the seat is in.
  • Three removable pillows in different heights which offer you a height correction for the back, armrests and seating height.
  • Choice of 3 colours
  • Mounted with 4 wheels and 1 steering wheel


                 Alesia Wheelchair

Alesia - Total Comfort

The Alesia has the boasts the following features -


  • Reclinable back (double access for use by a third person)
  • Tilting seat
  • Armrests are adjustable in height
  • Retractable footplate
  • Centralised Brake
  • Directional wheel


Options available -

  • Document Holder
  • Headrest
  • Legrest
  • Serum Holder
  • Canister Holder
  • Urine bag holder




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